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King of Noise / Fuji X100

Fuji X100 camera

A few years ago, the Nikon D700 was my main camera. Big, loud, trusty. As a walk around option, I went for a Fuji X100, perfectly matching this need of having a small camera in my bag, you know, just in case.

This one was also travelling with me, from the USA to Tokyo, it’s a perfect compromise between size, simplicity and image quality. It also is the quieter camera I’ve ever had, I had to put the artificial shutter sound on to be able to hear it shooting, it was disturbing not to hear it taking pictures! Perfect for the shy street-photographers.

As a good “backup / always in my bag” camera, it fell a few times, but seemed not to care about it. Ok it is not what I’d call the perfect camera… Quite slow to turn on, limited optical viewfinder (no way to check the focus), good image quality but not brilliant though.

The 28mm converter lens gave it a second life, until I switched from the D700 to a Leica M8. This day, I finally could keep my main camera in my everyday bag.

You can see here a gallery made with the X100.