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King of Noise / Nikon D700

Nikon D700 camera

Back in 2012, the Nikon D700 came with a lot of features from the pro DSLR Nikon D3. With its 12mpx sensor, it was truly one of the best low light camera at this time. The “king of noise” title could have referred to this feature but, well, it does not.

I have been shooting with this camera for a few years and I have to say I miss its solid feeling. It felt like made to never stop shooting. However, it had this very special shutter noise, and by “special” I mean loud, very loud.

I remember walking around in La nuit blanche (a special night in Paris, with art all around the city) and suddenly stopping hearing a photographer shooting a few meters away. “That’s definitely a D700”. Yes, it was, with its so noticeable noise.

Not the best camera when you go shooting in a quiet theatre, but it really feels great and despite its age, I could get one again someday.